We provide the following Business Process Outsourcing services :

  • Book keeping and preparation of Financial statement as per the requirements of applicable laws in force using softwares like Quick Books, Xero, Tally 9 ERP etc.
  • Payroll Processing
  • Invoicing
  • Receivable and Payable Accounts Reconcilation.
  • Preparation of reports for management information systems
  • Filing of various tax returns applicable under various laws in force like:
    • TDS i.e. Withholding Tax Returns,
    • Profession Tax Returns,
    • RBI – F.L.A. i.e. Foreign Liabilities and Asset Returns etc.

These bookkeeping services also called as accounting services helps our clients to offload the complex and technical aspects of business on us leaving them with more time and energy to focus on developing their business markets and also saves them on the cost factor.

In today’s scenario of globalization and technology convergence, the process of doing business has been redefined. Outsourcing various processes makes a lot of business sense. And here SGA, as a Top Accounting Firm in Pune , helps you to offload your accounting processess.

Most businesses and large companies are outsourcing their book keeping and various other processes for better management of their finances, time, cost, resources etc.

Our online bookkeeping services using softwares like Tally 9 ERP, Quickbooks, Zohobooks, are structured to suit an individual client’s needs and requirements.

Professional Accounting / Book Keeping Services:

Professional Accounting Services is the core procedure by which all financial information about a business is summarized, interpreted, noted, classified, and communicated. We at “SGA” , as your Accounting Expert , offer a wide range of Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Solutions alongwith Payroll Processing to mid & small organizations of all sectors, interested in increasing their overall operating efficiency and effectiveness optimally and most profitably. As an independent, perceptive, and discerning corporation, we are fully familiar with the diverse accounting requirements of and the desires of high growth, fast paced successful companies.

Today, the Bookkeeping Outsourcing has become the magic word in a world of intense and cut-throat competition where the accounting services providers and the accounting services buyers, are mutually benefited through the exchange of best quality, impeccable accounting services for money. Our elegant, precise, and punctual Bookkeeping & Payroll Outsourcing services enable our clients to concentrate fully and exclusively on their core competencies, apart from the tedious and time-consuming, ancillary processes. Moreover, Accounts Outsourcing provides you with a competent team of experts who fully understand the statutory needs of your business and also that how changes in the legislation can enhance your productivity and profitability of your company. Any business, small or large, can reap substantial benefits of accounts outsourcing, conducive to the faster growth and better efficiency & profitability.

We offer the following Accounting Outsourcing Solutions:

  • Designing , implementing and review of accounting manuals
  • Advice on various accounting issues including those related to Indian Accounting Standards
  • Accounting Systems Setup
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payment Processing and Bank Reconciliation Services
  • Formulating accounting systems and procedures
  • Monthly Management Reporting
  • Preparation of Periodic Financial Statements and Analysis of Profit & Loss Account


  • Preparation of the monthly payroll statements with individual payslips of each employee based on the inputs received from organization.
  • Ensure deductions of all relevant amounts and as per applicable statutory laws like Income Tax, Provident Fund and Professional Tax etc.
  • Preparation of Form 16 for the Employees and file Qtly. Returns for e-TDS with Income Tax authorities.
  • Ensure redressal of any issues raised by the employees.
  • Reconciliation of payments/statutory deductions etc. with books of accounts on quarterly basis.

Our Work Methodology:

As a professional bookkeeper , Our work methodology is to have a keen understanding of our client’s core business and processes. Then to use the learning’s to work with our clients as their strategic business partners, rather than as external consultants. We have a network of professional associates, which gives us keen insight to weigh various issues before recommending a solution to our clients. The solution thus recommended is generally accepted swiftly without the need of additional external consultants or advice.

Our Process:

  • Understand the unique requirements of each client; with a free consultation conference call.
  • Conduct a detailed and in-depth analysis of all business issues and recommend a solution to the client with transparent service costs.
  • Assist the client in the decision making process by giving law extracts and research documents that would address all concerns and help the client in making an informed decision.
  • Have the process / event set up within the guidelines of the agreed solution and give detailed status reports to the clients on a regular basis.
  • Maintain the highest degree of professionalism and ethics in all our work.
  • A strong and continuous commitment to research and training in all areas of practice and give clients reports relevant to their country of practice or interest.
  • Build long-lasting relationship with our clients through personalized, consistent and quality services.
  • Ensuring strict confidentiality of all client information and data at all times by entering into a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Advantages of Business Process Outsourcing :

  • Approximately 30%-60% saving in cost for the client
  • True and Fair interpretation of the company’s financial position.
  • Informed and better managerial decision making.
  • Collection, summarization, and accurate analysis of financial data
  • Optimization of business resources and processes.